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"You look like all the nerds just had a convention on your body." (via


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mind blowing* optical illusion with soundtrack courtesy of Woods.


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Roots, Canals, Wisdom, Extraction: A Mixtape


I’ve made a lot of mixtapes and put some of them on the Internet. Here are some that you can download now. Here are two you cannot. And here’s a new one. It is a two-disc set of my favorite songs from December 2011-March 2012. In that time, I’ve had two teeth pulled from my head and another drilled straight through, down to my gums. My mouth is permanently changed. I chew like a llama, softly and with delicate purposelessness. I feel different. There’s a new relationship between my mouth and my ears. One makes the other sensitive. I rattle more. That may have affected this collection.

I definitely put a Lana Del Rey song on here, FYI. OK, bye.

Roots, Canals, Wisdom, Extraction (Disc 1)

Roots, Canals, Wisdom, Extraction (Disc 2)

Reblogging this both sympathetically (I need to have my wisdom teeth out soon, and am too much of a pansy to make the appointment) as well as expectantly (because if Fennessey’s listening to it, I know that I should, too).

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Danny Hein

Danny Hein



The story of artist Penny Rockwell.

The story of artist Penny Rockwell.

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